Welcome to Danish School Down Under


The Danish School Downunder is a small language school in Melbourne based in Denmark House in Little Bourke Street.

Our vision is to to offer children an opportunity to develop and maintain a knowledge of the Danish language and culture.

Our classes are normally held the last Sunday of every month at 10am. (Of course coffee and Danishes are available!)

We are a not for profit organisation supported by volunteers, Ethnic School Association of Victoria and the Dannebrog Foundation.

For more information please feel free to email danishschooldownunder@gmail.com or simply come along and try one of our classes!


Welcome to the Danish School Downunder!

Visit the link below to read up on the benfits of being bilingual: Love of Language

Email us for more information via danishschooldownunder@gmail.com

2016 School Dates

  1. 14. February  2016 
    (Info/sign up day & Fastelavn - Swedish Church)

  2. 21. February 2016, 10am

  3. 20. March 2016, 10am

17. April 2016, 10am

22. May 2016, 10am

19. June 2016, 10am

24. July 2016, 10am

21. August 2016, 10am

11. September 2016, 10am

23. October 2016, 10am

  1. 27. November 2016, 10am

We will also have a couple of theme days throughout the year! Watch this space for more info!

Dont forget to add 2016 school dates to your calendar!